IRS2GO Keeps You Tax-Informed

January 17th, 2014

Taxpayers who want to stay current with the status of their returns and refunds, and receive informative updates directly from the IRS, now can turn to the IRS2Go smartphone app. This handy tax app is available for download in English or Spanish with a recently updated version from the Apple App Store.

IRS2Go allows users to receive newly released news and videos from the tax agency’s YouTube channel. No further downloading or searching is required — the video feed updates directly from the app. Through IRS2Go, users can also request a copy of their tax transcripts, which give the basic data on filing status, taxable income and tax liability. The IRS does not provide the data through the app but rather mails the requested transcript to your home address.

For many taxpayers, the annual tax refund derived from the return due April 15 is an important financial event. If you’ve already filed a return and requested a refund, IRS2Go can update you on the status of your payment, which can now be delivered directly to your bank account through an electronic funds transfer. The IRS2Go app requires your Social Security number, which is masked and encrypted for transmission. E-filed returns allow a refund status update within just a few days of filing, while the longer processing time required by mailed returns slow the process considerably. The agency reports an average three- to four-week wait for refund status on a mailed return.

The IRS has also made a commitment to social media outlets, and subscribers to IRS2Go can sign up to follow IRS Twitter news feed at @IRSnews. By providing an e-mail address to IRS2Go, you can access regular updates and IRS Tax Tips directly from the agency. After the first of the year and while filing season is in full swing, these tax tips and updates — including info on tax credits, deductions, exemptions, health insurance credits and other topics — arrive daily in your inbox, allowing you to keep informed on the ever-changing world of federal taxes, and get some useful tips on minimizing your tax liability at your convenience.

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