Reporting a Name Change Before Filing Your Taxes

April 5th, 2014

If you have not yet filed your taxes, you still have time to prepare all the necessary documents and get your return on its way. However, if you changed your name last year, you will need to get started on your taxes right away by reporting your name change. A tax return that you are owed a refund from may be delayed if you do not get your name change filed in time. Read on for a closer look at what you need to know about name changes and filing your taxes this year.

Reasons for name changes

The most common reason for name changes is marriage and divorce, and these changes should be reported to the Social Security Administration. You must contact the SSA to report the change of a dependent’s name for any reason.

When to contact SSA

You can contact the SSA at any time by filing form SS-5 for a new Social Security card. A new Social Security card will be sent to you with your new name and same SSN. Forms may be filed online at or through the mail. Just remember that filing by mail will require two to three weeks for processing.

Name changes for an adopted child

If you adopt a child, you will need to file a name change for this dependent. In the event that your adopted child does not yet have an SSN, you may apply for an adoption taxpayer identification number. This temporary tax number is available through

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