Individual Tax Prep

The Tucson CPA firm of Flowers-Rieger and Associates, PLLC is a full-service tax firm offering individuals, married couples and families over 25 years of personal tax preparation experience. We are or have been associated with a variety of outstanding accounting organizations both in the state of Arizona and in the City of Tucson. When you come to Flowers-Rieger and Associates for individual tax preparation assistance, you receive expert, friendly service from our team of staff, including professional CPAs each having over 30 years of accounting experience.

Our tax preparation services are offered at a reasonable cost and are provided in a timely manner, without leaving any unexpected surprises or errors for our clients. We provide clients with expert personal tax preparation and educate them with information about the ever-changing world of tax and finance ; and how the changes affect them!

The Flowers-Rieger and Associates CPA firm offers such services as individual tax preparation, tax preparation for married couples, financial and retirement tax planning, estate tax planning, and aggressive tax strategies and planning. We welcome new Arizona residents however our expertise is such that we can complete computerized individual tax preparation services for all states beyond Arizona. Our CPA team is also skilled in preparing multi-state tax returns and prior year tax returns as well as providing representation and compromise with the IRS.

Common Questions about Tax Preparation

Following are several common questions asked by those seeking CPAs for individual tax preparation:

Question #1 – Why should I use Flowers-Rieger & Associates, PLLC for my personal tax preparation needs?
The Tucson CPA firm of Flowers, Rieger and Associates, PLLC has been in business for over 25 years, several of our CPAs have more than 30 years experience each, and we are or have been a member of numerous accounting associations.

Question #2 – What’s your communication policy?
Due to the extensive experience of our firm and its CPA staff, we understand the importance of tax law and the ways in which it affects our clients. Therefore, we monitor all current tax laws and related information and ensure that every client is promptly informed of any changes or issues that might affect their unique financial situation.

Question #3 – Are you available at other times besides during the tax prep season?
Yes. Our CPA firm is available year-round to meet your financial needs beyond taxation. If you have questions or want to talk with one of our tax experts about perplexing tax situations, we offer a FREE initial consultation that lasts up to 30 minutes.

Question #4– Will the same CPA always be available for my account?
Building a good relationship between client and CPA is important to us at Flowers, Rieger and Associates and, therefore, we seek to provide the same accountant for all your needs unless it is not feasible or you request someone new. We believe in the importance of creating strong, and lasting relationships between members of our team and our clients. Doing so allows our CPAs to be armed with an intimate and personal understanding of our clients and their financial needs.